Motorcycle Ride Galveston Texas and Beyond

On my motorcycle ride through Galveston, Texas I first have to get there. Here is the beginning of day 2.

I’m ever optimistic when I go to bed the night before I want to get on the road early. I have a routine, I get into bed, I close my eyes and I go to sleep. This is what most people tell me I need to do when I need or want to get up early. It works for them so it will work for me. Everyone is convinced of this. All you have to do is go to bed and get up. If you would just go to bed at a decent hour is something I have heard for years now.

All I can say is that you all are a bunch of lying bitches. That’s so not true.

Yesterday I had set the alarm so I could get up and pack before the heat of the day. I’d gone to bed early. When I woke up? It was already later than I had wanted to start with the heat starting rise in waves off the pavement. Moving slowly, I threw my stuff into the bags and tied them onto the motorcycle. When I plan to camp and instead stay in a hotel room there always seems to be a gear explosion. I’ve camped for 60 years.

I pack my gear in the order it needs to come off my motorcycle to set up camp so when I am at a hotel my camping gear still needs to come off first. My tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag are carried in a duffle that must always come off first. Only then can I get to food and clothes. Then I pack up in reverse order.


Just before leaving the hotel I guzzled 30 ounces of water and hoped that my sweat would keep me cool. I was drenched from just loading my gear onto my bike. At least I was heading towards a beautiful ride up the gulf.

I double checked my load, drank my breakfast, hopped on my bike and twisted the throttle. Today’s first destination was Freeport, TX. There is a bridge there where one crosses over and ends up next to Surfside Beach. Got some gas and motored across the bridge into Fallets Island reveling on being so close to a major body of water. My entire being is laughing with joy that life can be this good. The doubts and frustrations of yesterday have slipped out of my mind with a twist of the throttle as I lean back and relax into the motorcycle ride.

Heading north Theres a toll bridge to cross over between Fallets Island and Galveston Island. As I pay the $2 toll to cross the bridge, I think of what a small amount like $2 means. I get to ride gorgeous coastline instead of having to negotiate the traffic of Houston. And now that some of the roads are still closed due to flooding? It seems to be an especially great deal.

Sometimes I am asked if I take the island because I am afraid to drive in the Houston traffic. Am I afraid to drive in Houston? No, if I need to get somewhere I can ride with the best of them. But what I have learned is that I enjoy my journey much less when I have to hurry. So I try to not hurry. Life is an adventure meant to be enjoyed.

Traffic was sparse on the island. All traffic seemed to be enjoying that unusual fact and we are all able to motor along with no tie ups.

People were getting new roofs and doing some outside repairs in a number of places. The winds that had come through the Rio Grande Valley had been fierce, up here they had been even worse. What these islands had in place that helped them weather these storms are the hurricane preparedness that had already been done in preparation for hurricane season. Galveston Island came through well.

Clean beaches of Galveston

Beach on the far south side of Galveston, TX. I hope to make it here today.

Galveston is a fun town. I stop on the southern end and take pics as I move on through town. The beach, beach chairs for rent, four wheeled pedal cycles for rent, surf boards, jet skis whatever you need Galveston is happy to help you. Last time through I commented on how fun it would be to take a Segway tour after I get my knees fixed this fall. There are many live oaks that are carved. Instead of tearing the stumps out after a hurricane went through they were carved into many wonderfully detailed carvings where there would have before been a bleak looking stump.

As I snap pictures of the ferris wheel and roller coaster on the pier, I glance down to see what time it is. The Fish Tales restaurant just across from the pier has awesome food and I need a decent meal. I drive into the parking lot, and amble slowly into the restaurant. The crab and guacamole dip was divine. I can’t recommend it enough.

When seated through conversation I find that my waitress, Monica, is a virgin Fish Tales waitress. I’m am her first customer ever at this restaurant. She was wonderful and I had a good time. The views from the windows are both breathtaking and fun. I like watching the people on the walkway.

They’ve done a lot of work on Galveston. The first couple of times I came through it was either a bit tired or cleaning up after a storm. Now that cleanup is done and improvements are being made. There is going to be a parking garage in the area of The Strand where so much takes place there is seldom a place to park.

Today I want to make some miles though, so I squiggle onto my motorcycle, get comfy and drive out of the parking area heading towards Port Bolivar ferry.

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