Motorcycling the Natchez Trace and More

Each year I try to go and ride my motorcycle for a month or two or more. This year I am once again motorcycling the Natchez Trace. The last time I rode long time was in 2007. I stayed out for about 6 months before returning home so this should be a short fun trip. In some ways life was harder then. Internet access and tools weren’t as good. The ability to vlog and upload (vlogging means video) was a struggle. Maintaining a site, being on the road for a long period and trying to do volunteer work was a bit stressful. 

My life has changed since then. I no longer volunteer on the national level. Other people might not love that? But now that I have adjusted to it I have a huge smile on my face. I have time. I have enough to get started travelling. I have a dream or two that have been deferred. And dreams and hopes that get deferred makes one unhappy. So, since I try to major in being happy, I am heading back out on the road. 

I’ve upgraded my equipment to an iPhone 6 and with a reasonable microphone. Wow have times changed. This type of equipment is heaven compared to last time. I had a Moto-Q or a Droid back then and what I remember it did best was run out of battery juice. Now the microphone is reasonable. Not awesome but reasonable. I’m not taking a computer. Now that we have picked you all up off the floor, that’s how much things have changed. I no longer have to take a computer to Vlog and try to beg, borrow or steal Internet everyday. And I am using other sites as the blog base. Welcome to Daily Two Cents.

It's not until  you have the courage to step off the ledge that you realize you have had wings right along.  Gail Lynne Goodwin

It’s not until you have the courage to step off the ledge that you realize you have had wings right along. Gail Lynne Goodwin Pic Credit Marty Raaymakers

Here’s the tentative route: 

I am coming out of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. I am right now about 7 miles north of Mexico. I won’t be on my favorite motorcycle as the other one is the one that needs to get home. 

  • Days 1 and 2 Will be Galveston if I can find a picnic table to pitch my tent under or put my tent on the table under a cover. That’s not unheard of here. There are a lot of covered tables in campgrounds because it is so hot here. I don’t want hail to tear up my tent. That whole area is currently  having serious storms and will still be having them the week I want to go through there. I want to take some pics there. 
  • Day 3 is to Natchez, MS; right now this is a maybe. It will probably be day 4 due to dodging rain
  • Days 4-5 Rocky Springs, MS
  • Days 6-7 Jeff Busby which is north of Jackson, MS 
  • Days 8-9 Meriwether Lewis which is south of Nashville. Thought about a couple of days extra on the Natchez Trace with a side trip or two
  • Day 10-11 Outside Chattanooga for 2 days
  • Days 11-12 Cherohala Parkway and Tail of The Dragon
  • Day 13 two other side roads I’ve heard about.
  • Day 14-20 Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive
  • Day 21–Massachusetts
    Day 22 or 23 through the 25th Hotel New Hampshire
  • Day 26 and 27 Ride Maine
  • Day 29 Ride New Hampshire 
  • Day 30 and 1 Niagara Falls 
  • Home on 2nd of July.
Old Trace, Old Natchez Trace Trail

Original Natchez Trace Section I want to hike along Pic Credit Marty Raaymakers

July 2nd is the fireworks in Bay City, MI. I love them and would like to go again. 

We have a massive family party on July 4th.

That’s the general schedule. I usually try to put up a more specific agenda the day before and on travel days try to put out a Google Maps link with the routes. The only other thing everyone needs to know is that I am often late. I hate to wake and pack in the early mornings and I love to putter. I love to stop and take pics and videos. Once I get the routine down again things will get more ontime.

The phone has GPS tracking and it should be on when I start to keep tabs on the route. I do however love to sit, read and take my time. The tag is the CrotchetyChromeMotorcycleDiva 

Feature Pic Credit: Marty Raaymakers 

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