Mount Everest Movie Review

Everest movie review

The Everest movie goes into great detail in showing the tragic events that led to the deaths of eight mountain climbers in 1996. tpsdave / Pixabay

Spoiler Alert: If you are not aware of any of the facts surrounding the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, you may not wish to read this review of the movie “Everest.”

On May 10th and 11th, 1996, eight mountain climbers led by guide Rob Hall, died on Mount Everest after being caught in a blizzard. At that time, it was the deadliest day on Mount Everest, since it occurred prior to the 16 deaths in the 2014 avalanche and even more deaths during the 2015 earthquake.

The 1996 Mount Everest tragedy was widely publicized and there have been several books and a couple of movies made about the events that occurred that day, as well as the weeks leading up to it.

My husband and I have read several of the books and watched two movies about the 1996 Everest disaster. Our family has a personal reason for our fascination. One of our daughters was attending school at the time with the daughter of Beck Weathers, one of the mountain climbers who nearly died. In fact, our daughter was at a pajama party with Beck Weathers’ daughter the night that it was announced that Beck had died. Beck’s wife, Peach, came to the party in the middle of the night to pick up her daughter before she heard about it on the news. When I arrived the next morning to pick up my daughter, the first thing she told me was, “Meg’s mom picked her up in the middle of the night. Her Dad died on Everest.” That is what we all thought at the time. It was not until two day’s later that we learned he had actually survived, but was trapped on the mountain and would need to be rescued.

Before I review the movie, “Everest,” below you will find links to the best books about the events that occurred that day. One is written by famous journalist Jon Krakauer, who was on an assignment with Outside magazine. He was with the party that lost eight climbers on the mountain that day. His book is called “Into Thin Air.” Another one of the books was written by Beck Weathers and the members of his family, who all share what they were experiencing during those terrifying days. Their book is called “Left For Dead.” Of the books below, those are the two I highly recommend. Most of the other books listed here are also first-hand accounts written by people who were on the mountain that day. In addition, I have included the DVD of the movie “Into Thin Air,” for people who would like to see it.

Review of the Movie Everest

The 2015 Everest movie is far better than the first movie that was written about the events of that day, which was called “Into Thin Air.” For example, in the movie “Into Thin Air,” Rob Hall is shown casually chatting by phone with his wife, knowing that he will not be able to get back down the mountain and survive. In the movie, “Everest,” Rob Hall is shown painfully struggling, but failing, to survive during those final conversations with his wife. The scenes in “Everest” are much more realistic.

In addition, the cinematography in “Everest” is far better than the views that were shown in the earlier movie. Because “Everest” can also be watched in 3-D, viewers have the opportunity to get a much more in-depth feeling of what the climbers were experiencing … including the fragile ladder bridges that they had to use to cross the crevasses. The intensity of the blizzard and the struggle of the climbers as they dealt with the wind, intense cold, and lack of oxygen was depicted well.

This Mount Everest movie will also keep you on the edge of your seat, far better than the earlier one did. While both movies tell the story and explain the mistakes that were made, “Everest” is the superior of the two.

However, because we knew someone who was involved and we read several of the above books, we know that the movie left out some details that we thought were interesting. This is not unusual. No two-hour movie can fully show everything that happened over a period of days. If you wish to read more background information about the movie “Everest,” the two books that I recommend the most are “Into Thin Air” and “Left for Dead.” Both are excellent and will give your additional details about the events that led to the Mount Everest deaths.

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