Mouse Flavored Cat Food

Many cat owners want to feed their cat something their cat loves. They want to feed their cat something that is natural. As such many cat owners wonder why it is so hard to find “mouse flavored cat food”.


As far as I know mouse flavored cat food does not exist. Mouse probably tastes just like chicken anyhow, I mean doesn’t every thing taste like chicken? But all joking aside, here is my basic problem with the idea of mouse flavored cat food. One word. “Flavored”. I don’t even like to see “chicken flavored” cat food. I want to see a cat food that says “chicken”, not “chicken flavored”.


Where would mouse flavoring come from? How will we distill the flavor out of tiny little rodents?


Okay so let’s forget making mouse “flavored” cat food, and stick to making the real thing. If we are actually going to make kitty food out of real mice, we will need a heck of a lot of mice; good thing they are prolific breeders. Imagine rows and rows of mice in cages breeding to make more mice who could be used in cat food.


Authors cat,

The logistics of getting the meat off the mice is a bit hard to think about as well, in all likelihood it would be a case of removing the fur and grinding up the mice whole, bones and all.  We do this to day old chicks but bird bones are different than mammal bones so I am not sure how this would work in regards to being used in a food.  At any rate the whole idea of mouse flavored cat food, or food made with actual mice, is a bit silly, and clearly why no such food is produced a large scale.


The Most Natural Food For Cats (other than mice)


If you look at most cat foods there are a lot that are not at all natural.  Tuna, for example, is about the most unlikely things a cat would ever eat (pretty unnatural for humans too if you consider where tuna live), and yet many cat foods use it (note that tuna is actually quite bad for cats).  One of the foods that is the most natural for a cat is chicken, yet most cat owners get upset if their cat kills a bird. 


Cats are true carnivores, meat eaters, killers.  Mice are a natural part of their diet.  If your cat does hunt, and kill, mice (or songbirds), it is very important that your cat be wormed as wild animals can carry worms.  Mice can also carry toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can affect unborn babies, so pregnant women should take care when cleaning the litter box if their cat is killing mice.

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