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Hacking on the right side of the law has become quite a lucrative career and it is gradually on the rise. There are a lot of ethical hackers who have made this a full time occupation. It is now quite the career option for those with a slight of hand, a precise brain and a knack for software. But, does every other person possess the capability to become an ethical hacker?

In fact, to make this a viable career option it is necessary that one undertakes a certification course in ethical hacking from premium training providers. This certification includes training termed as CEHv8 training. Now, the training itself includes various aspects of hacking which can make you a popular choice for recruitment into the corporate world. But, what is it that makes the ethical hacking industry so popular and what are the statistics?

An ethical hacker who has to get their CEH v8 certification does need to have a good base in the assembly languages as well as have their bases covered on all the TCP/IP protocols such as SMTP,ICMP and HTTP. This is required in order to successfully into a variety of operating systems as well as multiple types of software.

Ethical Hacking

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The ability to adapt is what is most important when considering a career in hacking. But, what do you need to consider when thinking about certified ethical hacking as your next big career move?

The relevance of such a course

With the rise in the relevance of information security in big or classified industries such as defence, other parts of science etc. as well as the rising need for hackers in terms of corporate dealings, the IT industry has seen a major increase in the need for certified ethical hackers who can help organizations work out their need for security compliance.

Hackers these days can be defined as the backbone of the industry and the work called by many names as penetration testing, red teaming etc. is in its essence is about testing your client or employer organization’s software to ensure that the firewalls are up and running. This is a necessary step in order for the organization to stay protected from intrusion or malignant hackers.

What exactly is the process?

Now, in India, this course has been gradually grabbing the attention of those interested in the hacking industry. It has steadily risen as an incredibly lucrative career option for engineers, software specialists as well as those interested in the IT sector.

To be a CEH v8 professional, it is necessary that on undergo proper training from reputed institutes after the course of which, an individual would need to undergo the required certification exam from the EC council. However, training programs provide this course for professional with working experience of one year or more.

The latest version of this exam called v8 certification is a course designed keeping in mind industry standards and protocols in order to cover up the dearth of the ethical hackers in the industry and to ensure that IT professionals can keep up to date with the latest in the industry.

Cost and Providers

Expert trainers such as Koenig Solutionsprovide certification training for CEH v8 at very competitive prices for professionals who are already skilled in the required protocols and software.

The CEH v8 certification cost will vary according to the kind of course you take up and the skill level that a professional already has. A minimum of one year experience is required to take up any of these training courses and undergo certificationexams.

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