Movie Review: Mission Kashmir (2000)

Quick movie review and recommendation of an Indian film starring some of Bollywood’s finest: Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, and others.  Great addition to your video library!

My alternate title for this “two cents” is “Crayons and a Pink House”.

David-Design / Pixabay

A fellow freelance writer picked a topic and probably did not realize it but he picked a part of the world to write about that is of interest to me. His description of this wonderland is both charming and sad. In one instance he calls Kashmir the “Switzerland of India” but in the title of his post, this place is referred to as “The Bleeding Heaven”.

Extracting statements from the article written by Divyansh Pandey ( @chanakya ):

“Kids are picked up from school by millitants and brainwashed to fight against India. For them Its like ‘Born in Heaven brought up in hell’.”

Mission KashmirMy interest in Kashmir developed after watching a film that was released in 2000 called “Mission Kashmir”. It was very sobering and the two scenes and/or phrases that played over and over in my mind long after the movie had ended are:

“Were you dreaming of a pink house?”

“… placing carbines instead of crayons in the hands of innocent children …”

Please bear in mind that my nationality is American so my perspectives are that of an outsider but for me the fragile thread of humanity extends all around the world and can so easily be snapped at any point. Kashmir is one of those points.

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