Multipurpose Cosmetics for Travel

During travel and vacations, pack light. To do this with cosmetics means to make some level of adjustment. You cannot bring our whole arsenal of makeup and skin care products. Choose only the essentials due to the limited luggage space. While most people would go without makeup, not all are blessed with flawless skin. Of course, you would also want to look good for the camera when you feel like the moment needs to be remembered. 

travel makeup

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Your Travel Makeup Bag

Choose multipurpose cosmetics or those beauty products that can multitask. Have a cream blush that works as a cheek blusher, lip color, as well as a tint for the eyelids. Opt for a tinted foundation with UV protection. Eyeliner & mascara duo is very useful, too. If you’re really into maintaining a full-makeup look, especially for those formal nights when you need to look dazzling, just add a travel makeup palette, lipstick, and lip gloss to your kit and you’re all set. Do bring a small tube of petroleum jelly which serves as a lip moisturizer and a makeup remover. Choose a makeup bag with its own mirror so you don’t need to bring a separate one.  

Protect Your Other Items

Loose powder and other liquid beauty products must be separately packed in sealed containers. You wouldn’t want to see a messy surprise on your precious garments once you unpack. If possible, leave breakable items at home and use cosmetics in flexible tubes.

Enjoy your vacation and stay pretty. 


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