Music Motivates Me In All Walks of Life

music motivates me

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What motivates you to do something in your life? For me it’s music. Music is the one thing that motivates me to do anything, and it can also help me sleep! It has to be the right type of song, but it’s amazing how much more I can get done within a day.

It’s 11am here in the UK, and I’ve already almost finished my work for the day. That’s mainly because of music. I can zone out of everything else going on in the world and just write. I have three or four more articles to write today and I’ll be done on everything that I need to complete.

music while swimming

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Music also motivates me to exercise—for longer and harder. A few weeks ago, I’d decided that I was going to swim for 10 minutes as a stretch-off after 45 minutes in the gym. I have a waterproof MP3 player and like to use it when I swim to keep my mind off the sound of kids in the pool or other things going on. I can zone out and it motivates me to keep swimming. Before I knew it, I’d done 30 minutes in the pool; all because of music!

Like I mentioned, it has to be the right type of music. When I’m exercising, I prefer listening to rock and metal. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Skillet are some of the tracks that I have on my waterproof MP3 player to keep my going. When it comes to writing, I can listen to anything. I’ve found that listening to cover versions of some of my favorite songs really helps at times. I like Tyler Ward, Sam Smith and Alex G—all available through Spotify and YouTube.

What motivates you in your life to do something? Is music something that encourages you to do more or do you prefer the silence?

This post was written for day four on the #DailyTwoCentsChallenge

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