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My best job search tip looks old fashioned as I keyboard it out. But it is still as true today as it was when I first started looking for people to work for me in many years ago. That tip is to make sure where you hang out where are jobs. Some jobs may be gotten because one is in the right spot at the right time. If there is a job that needs to be done and you aren’t there?  You aren’t going to be able to do it. If you don’t have a job and are hanging out where I can’t see you? How can I give you that job?

Many people will tell you that jobs are only gotten online. You have to apply online. You may interview online. As a former manager I can tell you that sometimes you haven’t given me enough reason to go out of my way to fight the system to hire you. If I really like

  • The way you look
  • The way you act
  • The way you present yourself

I will as a person who needs a team underneath me that I can trust and work with, often try to go with someone I gotten to know and trust. In one of the fast food restaurants I managed, there was a man in the dining room every day that purchased the same three cheapest things on the menu. For an hour or two every day he would sit and nurse a coke as he used his time to fill out job applications. I approached him that time as he would pick up any trash on the floor and straighten a table. I liked his hustle. He didn’t stay long but he worked out well for me.

Keep moving towards the job of your dreams, whatever that is. Employers may be who you least expect

Keep moving towards the job of your dreams, whatever that is. Employers may be who you least expect

To this day, if I need something done and you are underfoot? You can often fill a need for me and I am quite often willing to pay. If I don’t have anything I need done after that need is met? I will still keep you in mind and say, “Do you know so and so? I needed this done and it worked out well.”

Initative goes a long way with me. I am willing to train someone who is willing to work. I’ve offered people work when they knew what to do but they didn’t want to do that. So I they didn’t. I look first for initiative and desire. So put yourself under my feet and show a willingness to succeed. 

Job search is networking but it’s not just reaching up and saying something like; “hey do you have a job?” There are a million people who will drop off, email or send in a resume to never be heard from again. I had enough people who didn’t want to show up. When I hire people? I often need a person to be able to work on their own so I look for that initiative. That one guy did bring me a sub from Subway though. There were cookies too. 

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