My Experience Working From Home

My Experience Working from Home2
Since I have been working from home, aka doing my own thing on the internet to make money, I spend a lot more time working than when I had a “real” job. Yes, it’s true! I usually work seven days a week, eight plus hours a day. For a lot less money. So much less money, it’s not even comparable.

So lets see:

Work at home = work more, money less

“Real job” = work less, money more

So why do I work at home? Really the equation is just as simple as above:

Work at home = love what you do, happy every day

“Real job” = hate, loathe and abhor what I did, miserable every day and very unhappy

I guess I have reached that time in my life when I am less concerned with money and more concerned with being happy and enjoying life. Luckily, I have a lovely husband who can support us both, so I don’t have to work at a “real” job. He is happier too, since I quit work, because I am happier. Remember, if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy!

I bet you are wondering, what was the job that I had that was so awful?  I was a homeowners claims adjuster. Yep, the one that came out from the insurance company when your house flooded, burned, or the roof blew off. Or you got robbed, or a tree fell on your swimming pool.  Being a claims adjuster was really miserable, the only saving grace was that the pay was pretty good, (14 years ago) about $60,000 a year plus a free car, but after 15 years of claims adjusting even all that money and a free car was not worth it.  Being stuck between the client (we deserve MORE MONEY) and the company (give them LESS MONEY) made every day a bitter fight.  It was a horrible way to live, the stories I could tell you, you would not believe but that is fodder for another penny, or two, or three, or forty-seven.  A job digging ditches would be preferable, and working at home is paradise compared to claims adjusting. 

So, in summary, working at home for me is only feasible because what I make is not absolutely needed for paying the bills.  The income I make is too irregular to be my only income.  This is my experience, because I only work online doing things I like to do.  I am very lucky!


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