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There are lots of things I do that are both frugal and healthy but one thing I do more and has made a bigger life change than any other frugal change I have made, so here is my best, most helpful and most simple frugal health tip. 

What I do the most consistently that saves me the most money is to consistently drink water. I drink water without adding any of the cute tasting additives that are available. If I want to add something, I try to make it a real fruit. Most often what I add are juices of the following:

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Cucumber
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When I had oranges or lemons into my water I feel incredibly refreshed instead of weighted down with sugar.

For me these are fresh fruits that I eat when I can. The fruits available to add to my water change with the seasons. When I winter in Texas; the above fruits are available year round, fresh off the tree. Where our trees are there aren’t a lot of additives and sprays used. I sometimes get too much fruit and will juice them into ice cube trays just to have the juices to add to my water.

I also choose to not add sugars or other sweeteners to the water I drink. I thought I needed to add things (like Kool-aid and Crystal Light) for years. I thought that I deserved a better drink than water. What I found after I stopped ingesting all the sweeteners sugars and corn syrup, was that many of my aches and pains went away. My joints moved more freely and my muscles hurt much less. I wish I had realized before what I was doing to my body.

My doctor visits for pain are much less frequent now. I feel better.So not just is water a cheaper alternative, I save money by not needing to pay for doctor visits and pain pills as much. 

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Adding lemons to my water is my second favorite way to drink water.

Drinking more water is an amazingly easy thing to do. At first when I wanted to start drinking more water, I chose to alternate one glass of ice tea for one glass of water; or one glass of pop for one glass of water. After a while, I realized that I didn’t like pop as much. That never happened with ice tea. I still have to make a conscious choice to drink water instead of tea.

In the winter I have access to reverse osmosis water at a great price. This really helps me. During the summers when I am up north I choose to let my water breathe before I use it to dissipate some of the chlorine that is used in my community.

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