Go Go Mobile Charge With The myCharge Unplugged 10X

Portable chargers haven’t been keeping up with the times — it’s not enough to hold a lot of juice, they need to eliminate cables because now smartphones are wireless. That means being Qi compatible for phones from Apple and Samsung and Nokia and others. It also means that the portable charger should be the Unplugged 10K.

The Unplugged 10K has a soft touch finish to it so it doesn’t slip out of the hand or cause abrasions if packed in a bag with other items. It’s also slim and not heavy at all — being about 1/2 pound — plus coming in unobtrusively white and yes, even boring to look at. That’s because all the good stuff is embedded into it — it’s what it does that gains applause. First off, it has to have a battery and so it does — 10,000mAh means one full charge to a depleted phone isn’t going to drain it dead (and why there’s “10” in the name for 10 watts).

How it does its wireless act is obvious to those who have a compatible phone, but for those aching to get into the act, you just place the phone’s back against it (on a flat surface obviously) and the two connect automatically. It’s being Qi compatible, after all. If you want, you can put the Unplugged 10K on a Qi pad so as to give it a charge even as the phone is getting power too — yes there’s a USB cable included just so you can recharge from a device with a USB output. Which makes sense since Qi might be what you want for wireless charging of devices, but it’s not how the battery pack gets its power.

Now to do all this charging, there’s the aforementioned embedded Qi, but there’s also 2 conventional USB outputs to use as well — each of them being 2.4 amps (and so suitable for tablets too). Should you want and need to, all three outputs (the 2 USB and the Qi pad) can be used simultaneously. But that might be a bit too much showing off.

The Unplugged 10K comes in varying watts sizes, but going for the top of the line means having power when you need it. It also means not paying all that much — the retail is $69.99.

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