A Name can Provide a lot of Information

Names are important. They’re used to identify individuals, of course there will need to be more information provided, but a name is given at birth. The celebration of being born. The name is given on the born date. Some may not receive their name at the time of birth but there’s a name. A powerful name is the name” Jesus. The Son of God the Creator of Mankind.” Names are provided in court, in schools, and on jobs. The name is what is used to prove a person’s identity. 

Some names are stolen in order to conceal the thieve’s identity. When the thief occurs identity theft has occurred. Person’s who take on another person name without marriage are deceptive. Pretending to be another person can cause an identity crisis. There is nothing wrong with pretending but when there’s crimes involved with using another person’s name or identity then the persons have not only over stepped their boundaries but have placed themselves at risk for going to prison. 

There should be gladness when receiving a name. There are a lot of powerful names. Some may not like their names very much. Some names are strong and mean” bravery.” A name can hold a key to opportunities. If there’s any wonder about a person’s identity then there should be some investigating to see if the name belongs to the person. Name, birth date, person’s birthplace. The one’s who take on the a person’s identity will not be able to prove they’re the person. 

Some will engage in criminal activity by pretending as if the person with identification isn’t the person. There are ways to establish identity. The name of course and there will be identifying marks which help to identity persons. When a homicide is committed. detectives will look for clues to identify the person, if they’re difficult to identify then they’ll go to the dental records. The name has to be found in order to establish identity. The name will need to be “provided” on the death certificate. 

Name in the beginning and at the end. No other word can produce a person’s identity. That can not determine I’m Tanikka Paulk alone. The name and other identifying information will. When others try to give a persons’s identity away. There is always a way to establish the identity. The problem is some may not want others to prove their identity because they’re focused on the deceptive ones and trying to help the deception. My name is my name “Tanikka Paulk”

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Lowered Cased or not. That’s my Name. Tanikka Paulk

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