National Gazpacho Day

Gazpacho Soup

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Gazpacho Soup

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December 6th is National Gazpacho Day in the United States.

Gazpacho soup is a soup that originates from AndalucĂ­a in Spain, although it is eaten all over Spain and Portugal. It tends to be less common in more northern climes thanks to its most notable quality – it’s served cold.

It’s not certain how gazpacho came about, but both Arabic and Roman origins have been considered. It is made from raw vegetables and a tomato base, which are chopped with herbs. Stale bread is an optional extra. The resulting combination may then be blended and olive oil, vinegar, water and salt are added.

With it being a cold soup, it is popular in the summer as a cooling dish. This only really applies if the summers are warm, of course. Just don’t do what Arnold Rimmer did in Red Dwarf and send it back to the kitchen to be heated up.

It is quite odd that a soup traditionally consumed in summer should have a national day in winter.

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