National Peach Cobbler Day

Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream

By Ralph Daily (Flickr: Peach Cobbler) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Peach Cobbler Mix

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April 13th is National Peach Cobbler Day in the United States.

Peach cobbler is, obviously enough, a cobbler that uses peaches. But what is a cobbler itself?

Cobblers can be either sweet or savoury. Peach cobbler, as it uses a fruit, is a sweet dessert dish, rather than a savoury one. They replaced the suet pudding, as British American colonists were unable to get the needed ingredients and cooking equipment.

The basic cobbler has the filling, in this case peaches, poured into a baking dish. This filling is then topped, with such as batter, scone, pie crust or biscuit (the U.S. type). Some cobbler variants may also have a bottom crust. These are most common in the American South.

The peach cobbler is a traditionally American South recipe, so it would be common to find it in the two crust variety. In such a case, it would also be frequently topped with vanilla ice cream.

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