National Vichyssoise Day

Leek and Potato Soup Mix

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National Vichyssoise Day is on November 18th in the United States.

Vichyssoise is a soup which could, at its most basic, be described as potato and leek.

The name is French, and it’s named after the French town of Vichy, but it’s uncertain as to whether the soup itself actually is. It’s possible that it actually originated in the US even if it was created by a French chef. The chef most commonly credited with it is Louis Diat in 1917, who worked at the Rizt-Carlton in New York City. He himself said that is was an attempt to recreate a soup his mother used to make in his childhood.

The soup itself is thick, made from chicken stock, onions, potatoes, cream and puréed leeks. The soup is one that is by tradition served cold, although it can also be served hot. The cold soup is intended to be a cooling soup in the summer months.

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