Natural healthy drink that satisfies and quenches your pallet whenever the need calls for it. There is such a thing. How would you like to have that option right in your fridge? No sugar.

1. What are sweeteners linked to?

Can you believe this drink has no calories, sweeteners, or sodium? There are only two ingredients in this drink and they are Carbonated Water and Natural Flavor. This drink is not only healthy, but it comes in different flavors.

 I know some of you may not like sparkling water but the drink I’m telling you about is not at all bland or bitter. What ever flavor you choose will have the more than subtle of your choice and did I mention that it’s an all natural drink.

 There has been nothing like it on my pallet. I have searched for the perfect all healthy drink since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Everything I came across had some sort of sweetener in it or it taste horrible. Mostly made my gag reflex activate.

 Don’t know how many of you knw this, but studies suggest that sweeteners are linked to cancer and are a huge contribution to diabetes. Now hear this. I don’t want to add the problem which I already have. 

The drink I’m Speaking about is La Croix. Yes Ladies and gentlemen; there is hope for us yet. The no sugar carrying drink is an all occasion thirst quencher. The site gives you different drink recipes of frozen and non frozen drinks to be enjoyed by your wedding guest, sports guest, ladies night, or what ever your celebrating. They let you know what seasons and type of glass wears to serve your drinks in as well.

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 With their long list of mocktails, tinis, sangria, and other drinks; you can enjoy a multitude of mixers. But this isn’t just for making mix drinks. You can enjoy the beautiful flavors straight out of the chilled can, over ice, or how ever you prefer. My balcony is a beautiful place to relax and take in the pleasure of my view with a glass of ice cold unmixed La Croix. 

RitaE / Pixabay

 If your choice is serve with breakfast, brunch, dinner, or during a work out, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. So kick back and enjoy yourself a nice glass of La Croix.





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