Best Natural Steroid Alternatives for Athletes

The topic of anabolic steroids causes a lot of controversy. It is believed that anabolic steroids caused the completion of the golden era of bodybuilding as a serious competitive sport. And recently people began to pay much more attention to health and natural products.

No matter what side one’s take in the debate about steroids, the fact remains: they are increasingly being abused, instead of properly using their potential. Athletes can inflict irreparable damage to a reproductive function by using steroids, if there is no a sufficient level of knowledge about how they work. In most cases, it’s not worth it …

If you want to get that muscle growth you have always wanted with no risk of side effects and legal issues, then natural steroids are the best to use. Natural steroids have recently been used to replace the conventional synthetic steroids. In the athletic world, there is a lot of negativity attached to steroids, such that an athlete caught using may be faced with legal action. For this reason there are many natural steroid alternatives available on the market today which are safe for use and are just as effective. Below are some of the best natural steroid alternatives for athletes.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a popular seed that has been used by the South Americans for thousands of years. It is known to have anabolic effects. Like the oats, it contains saponins known as ecdysterone. The ecdysterone improves the level of testosterone by triggering production of the luteinizing hormone. The quinoa seed also contains useful vitamins as well as minerals which are essential for health and hormone production. The grain contains a lot of proteins and is hence an excellent food to eat after a workout session. To obtain the benefits of quinoa, take it at least three times a week.

  1. Wild oats

Oats are some of the most popular anabolic steroids among bodybuilders and athletes. It contains saponins which produce a steroid-like effect. The saponins are known to boost the levels of testosterone in the body by increasing the production of luteinizing hormone. Furthermore, oats improve the body’s sexual health as well as cognition. Oats are available in the market with the name Avena Sativa. Add some oats into your foods such as salads and cereals.

  1. Celery

It’s one of the foods which doesn’t receive the attention and value it deserves. Celery contains antioxidants which not only help in preventing oxidative stress but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains nitrates which help dilate the blood vessels hence better oxygen distribution in the body. Celery also contains pectin polysaccharides which help in controlling the secretions of the digestive tract as well as in improving the health of the athlete’s stomach lining. Also, celery is known to assist in the repair of damaged muscles.

  1. Fava Beans

One of the best addition to your dishes. These are an excellent source of proteins as well as fiber. They contain various essential minerals including potassium, manganese, and calcium. It also provides L-dopa which helps in the production of dopamine, a hormone that is a growth booster. The dopamine also helps in enhancing the levels of testosterone. They have been proven to be among the best natural steroid alternatives for athletes. They are the most effective steroids that are natural.

  1. Raw eggs

Many people are allergic to eggs. However, this is most likely because they eat cooked eggs. Incorporate raw eggs into your diet to get the best results. Raw eggs have cholesterol which enhances the synthesis of proteins. For athletes or anyone who wants to gain some muscles, raw eggs help to increase the muscle mass along with increasing the levels of testosterone in the body.


The above are among some of the best natural steroid alternatives for athletes available on the market today. They are not only healthy, full of nutrients and safe to use but also do not have legal issues. They are recommended for any athlete who wants to gain muscle naturally. Upgrade your diet with these natural steroid alternatives.

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