NBA Team mid-season review: New York Knicks

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Forty games into the season and they already lost 35 games losing their last 15 which is their most number of consecutive losses in club’s history. The New York Knicks team had a lot of hopes starting the season especially after they beat Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers on their first game of the season. Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball operations with Derek Fisher doing the coaching job, they hoped that the triangle offense will work wonders for them but it seems not. The Knicks are currently at the bottom of the NBA standings with a 12.5% winning record. Take note though that their own superstar in Carmelo Anthony has been dealing with knee issues lately and already missed 10 games so far. Amare Stoudemire already missed 12 of their 40 games as well and he is their leading rebounder and leads the team in field-goal percentage.

For me, the Knicks simply doesn’t have enough manpower to compete well against the other teams. They only have Carmelo Anthony as their reliable scorer. Anthony and Stoudemire are already both in their 30s with Stoudemire way past his prime. Anthony can still be considered a very potent scorer but he needs someone who can draw defenders away from him. He is averaging 24 points per game so far but the one next to him is Amare with 13, that shows that they rely on Carmelo too much on the offensive side of things. Their opponents clearly know where to focus their defense on. The Knicks need to have some proper ball movement and make sure that other players can score around 15-17 a game consistently but looking into their lineup it seems no one is capable of doing so.

They recently traded away JR Smith and Iman Shumpert for draft pick and 3 players and it seems to be a proper move going forward. They need to unload JR Smith contract and did so while acquiring future draft pick and other role players that they can either utilize into their system or use as trade pieces as well. The current record is somewhat due to sub-par quality of players collectively, injuries to the significant players and new system trying to be implemented. We’ll see if they can pull off some magic for the second half of the season and if they can still make it to the Eastern Conference playoffs. It’s not yet over especially them being in the weaker conference.

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