Need the Soil in Order to Reach Prosperity

Think about a tree or flower. What does the both of the growing things need? “The Soil.” Soil is the foundation needed to produce growth. Plant life can not prosper without the foundation. In life mankind needs the foundation in order to generate progress. The tree represents growth. Each year growing more and more. The soil isn’t the only ingredients needs for growth. There’s the water and sunlight. 

Having all of the ingredients will offer better results. Removing the most important ingredients can incur delays or cause “prosperity” to cease. The tree also needs to be nurtured. The nurturing will help keep the growth process at correct pace. Some will try to uproot the tree because of the desire to stop the growth from occurring. There has to be continuous efforts to assist the tree so that elevation occurs. 

Leaving the tree without any of its foundations won’t generate any movement. In order to find stability there has to be efforts made to do so. There can be no progress with staying still. The desire to improve must be there in order to experience abundance. The continuous confidence must remain. Continue to observe how the tree grows. 

No matter how many try to chop down the tree. A good “foundation” won’t allow the destruction to occur. Never allow anyone to try to chop down the tree. Keep fighting to keep the sunlight on the tree. With the proper sunlight the tree will grow faster. With the main ingredients the tree will blossom beyond belief. 

There’s a lot of people who will allow the tree to reach a higher stage and then try to dismantle the tree. There has to be strength. The tree can experience weakness when it’s not receiving the “nurturing” it should receive. The most destructive individuals will try to come in and take away the leaves, branches, and all of the soil. Some are so cruel and they’ll want to stop the tree from growing any further. 

That’s why eyes must be kept on the growth process. The fight to keep the tree must continue. Watch who wants to remove the tree. There’s a lot of people who will be envious of ‘prosperity.” No matter how much envy comes rolling in. Continue on “The Path of Prosperity.” There will be a lot of chatter to create distractions away from the growth. Don’t allow any of the tactics to create a cease. 

Anyone who’s in a position to follow their dreams can achieve prosperity even when there’s resistance. The resistance may come around often. That’s when more must be done. The time it takes to achieve abundance shouldn’t create a detour. It takes time to receive the breakthroughs. While going along the path there will be lots of learning going on. “There will be lots of achieving taking place.” 

No matter what occurs remain hopeful. “Keep focusing on the growth” and watch how much elevation will occur. Try to keep the naysayers away from the tree. They’ll certainly want to prevent any progress from occurring. So many have allowed the downfall to occur. Not being brave enough can be a major problem. There should be boldness and there should be joyfulness when achieving each goal. 

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