How to Negotiate with Your Water Supplier if You Are Not Able to Pay Your Bills?

There might be few situations in your life when you weren’t able to pay your water bills due to any reason and your water companies take actions against you to get back the money they owe. However, by any legal term, they can’t disconnect or restrict your water supply, even if you owe them money.

You can contact your water supplier on phone (at Northumbrian Water Contact Number) and they’ll guide you forward to fill the required form. If you’re on a benefit, you might need to supply a copy of your certificates for the benefits you’re receiving. However, you won’t need to provide any medical evidence if your medical condition is already on the list of qualifying medical conditions.

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Once you’ve received your water bill and aren’t able to pay the bill past its due date, the water company may:

  • Send one or more reminder notices to you, following the bill. You’ll get extra seven days with this notice to pay the bill.
  • Contact you via telephone and ask you to pay the bill.
  • Pass your debt to a third party or debt recovery agency.

Can also take you to court to recover their money; following this, you might receive a notice of enforcement from a firm of bailiffs to inform you that the company might come around to recover its amount. If they eventually come, they could take away some of your goods to sell and get the money you owe to them.

In some of the cases, the owner might equally be important as the occupier of the property to pay the water bill and the company might also contact your owner to recover the money

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How to negotiate with your water company?
Call your water company (at Thames water Contact Number) if you aren’t able to pay your bill. If you’re able to negotiate and make them agree with the amount you can pay, it will save you from going through all the unwanted stress and expense of going to court and will also avoid your credit scores from being affected.

It would do good for you to know the set of practices followed by your water company when it comes to dealing with the customers who owe them money. You can directly call them at Northumbrian Water Contact Number and ask for a copy of their code of practices. You can use this code in your favour by discussing about your payment arrangement with your water company.

The simplest way to calculate how much you can manage to pay back is by looking into how much money is coming-in to you, what amount is going out and what other debts you’ve to take care of. If your water company is considerate, they will take your inability to pay into account and if you’re lucky enough, who knows but it might be even possible to get your debt written off.

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