I Never Want To Let Go… – A Short Love Story –

Part 1

Her hair was long,

It was blowing in summer wind,

She sat drinking a cool glass of lemonade,

Looking through her glass shades,

I’d never seen beauty like her,

She had poise, grace and charm,

She was rich, rich with kindness,

I’ve seen her a few times before,

Every summer she’d be here,

By the end she’d left without a goodbye,

She spoke softly to my sister,

My sister liked her, they were friends,

I wanted to know her, hold her,

A thought banned by society,

She was the help, my father’s help,

Her mother had worked for us for years,

She was like family,

Paid the best, wore the best,

But society still said ‘don’t you dare’

I watched her walk back and forth,

She saw me watching her,

She smiled, she’s beautiful,

She can’t be mines,

But she has to be …………

I had to do this one thing for me.


Part 2

One afternoon she sat alone in the garden,

I was going for a walk when I came across her,

She didn’t see me come around,

She sat peacefully underneath a big tree,

She was holding a book close,

Taking in each word as if it was her last,

She looked so peaceful sitting there,

“Hi,” she was startled, “What are you reading”

She took a deep breath, “I’m not, I’m writing”

Her face was still red, I didn’t know what else to say,

She was nothing just continued writing,

I begin to turn but I couldn’t walk away from her,

“I’m Edward” I said with a smile,

She responded well, chuckled even,

“I’m Sarah, it’s nice to meet you Mr. Novett,”

I sat beside her and watched her write,

She never spoke out loud,

But her words flew off the pages,

She captured me and I wanted to know more,

About her, I wanted to know everything,

“You want to be a writer?”

“Yes, I thought why not use a gift for good,”

She looked at me with eyes bright as day,

She had a sparkle, something special,

She was special, I knew she was.

[Featured Image: Pixabay]



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