A new medical procedure for the overweight

West Penn Hospital part of the Allegheny Health Network in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, was chosen to be parts of an experiment for overweight but not morbidly obese people

This device is the Obalon balloon from Obalon Therapeutics that has already sold 12,000 of these in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. The obese are not eligible for this experiment. There are ways to get rid of obesity. This balloon is for people who are 30-80 pounds overweight. All they can do for an overweight patient is to tell the person to have a better diet, maybe suggest a nutritionist and tell them to exercise and join a gym. But for gastric bypass a person has to be 80-100 pounds overweight.

This new procedure is that a person swallows a capsule and tiny tubes. When the capsule gets into the stomach then a balloon made of polymers because the stomach is acidic and wouldn’t tolerate latex like a birthday party balloon. When this balloon gets out of the capsule, then the tune tubing using inert air inflate the balloon a size of a palm of a hand. They can put up to 3 balloons in the stomach up to three to four weeks apart.

This balloon is supposed to make a person feel full and not overeat. It is still in the experiment stage, and the FDA has to approve it before it becomes commercialized.


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