New mineral water explodes upon the market

The newest mineral water to hit the market is called SEKSI Pearl Infused Beauty (TM).  The beautiful thing about this new beverage is that this drink is infused with pearl powder.

Over the past 4,000 years, the ancients have passed along the secrets of the pearl.  Pearls have been shown to increase health, beauty, and longevity.  Adding pearl powder along with over 30 minerals, 17 amino acids, and 85 mg of calcium ensures that SEKSI will become the next big health food drink because it is an energy drink that does not have any of the ingredients that can give a person jitters or an inflated heart rate.

One 8.4 oz (250 mL) can of SEKSI Pearl Infused Beauty is only 15 calories.  The drink comes in two awesome flavors:  pomegranate and blueberry.  Personally, I have tried the pomegranate flavor which caused for me to not experience fatigue for the rest of the day.

Now, you have the opportunity to try this wonderful beverage over at

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