What Does New Year Mean To YOU?

Christmas of twenty fourteen is behind us now and we are looking forward to the new year. What does new year mean to you?

You have grown old.
Despite all the celebration and making merry, new year should tell you that you have grown old. If you were seventeen years, you have graduated into adulthood. If you were thirty-nine years then your eyesight will start getting lost at forty. You have grown old.

New year may bring about new things.
There may arise death in your family in the new year. You might lose a loved one. Some will marry and get married. Some will elope and others will divorce. Be prepared for the new changes that the new year will bring.

There are resolutions to make.
You have to make resolutions that are attainable. You have to make sure you live to them. Do not make them for fun.

It is a time for change.
New year means that you have also supposed to be new with it. Change the old self and become the new self. Very many people remain where they are expecting change to find them there. Get up and look for change. Believe in God if you do not. Look for work if unemployed.

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