News: Newspaper, Television Hide the Fatal Tragedies

Newspaper, television and crime news

Newspaper and Television are two ways of keeping up with the world today.  It is a shame that the world’s news today is full of reports about criminal acts. Television news channels can leave their viewers afraid to leave their homes. Fatal tragedies can be about people that have been in car accidents or falling off a water slide to their death. The worst type of news to hear about is when there are shootings, stabbings or another type of brutal crime. The world is full of abusive acts, and that is why a lot of people prefer to not read the newspaper, or turn on the news. The people of the world today are becoming more and more aware of all the crime that has been happening around them. People want and need to feel safe in the world that they live in.

Newspapers do have reports about great events that are happening in our world today. The Olympics are great to watch, and then later hear about their victories.  The sport events are not all about victories. Our favorite teams will lose at times as well. This is disappointing but our minds will adjust to this type of news, and still want to come back tomorrow and read or watch all about their favorite sport team and if they won or last. There are exciting things to hear about from the news channels as well as read about them in the paper, but exciting news tend to feel less exciting when murderers and other criminal acts have been reported next. The sport season can lead to great excitement or disappointment, when their favorite teams are playing. Many tragedies happen in the world of sports today. Some are by accident, and some are by choice.  Grudges can turn their ugly heads and cause unnecessary tragedies. The news casters will keep that type of news updated on these types of event


Daily crime reports

 It is important to know what is going on in the world today; however a lot of people do not want to read the newspaper, or hear about it when they watch the news daily. Criminal acts are going to keep happening as long as people let anger get the best of them. The world has been shaken up more these days due to criminal act.

 The United States is something to be proud of, but when too much destruction happens more people tend to avoid watching or reading all about it. Do you watch the news on television or pick up a newspaper or do you try to avoid knowing about the hatred that has caused such sorrow?

Stay informed the best you can but if sometimes you feel like all the crime is affecting your well-being ask someone you love to keep you updated in a more secure manner.

This article is about why I think concerned citizens are turning off their televisions or not reading  newspapers due to all the crime in the world today. I do not want to impose my views on this topic to anyone or to convince people not to find out about what is happening in the world we live in. I think a lot of people do feel this way in my opinion.

Stay informed, be safe and smart about the news of today and tomorrow.


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