No Entertaining the Unnecessary

Not everything needs our attention. If we want to live a more productive and peaceful life then we should ignore those things that will cause disruptions in our thoughts and take away our “inner peace.” There’s a lot of things and people who can just create havoc in our lives. Of course we’ll have to deal with some adversity. Some of the mess that goes on in the world we simply don’t have to deal with. 

If others are trying to create stress for us then we should surely tune those individuals out. Some may claim that we have to go through certain things in order to generate success. Sometimes events are created to discourage someone from excelling. We do not have to deal with half of the things that take place. The corruption and the insanities. Live in peace. 

Some avoid dealing with a lot of stressful events. They’ll simply refuse to take on someone else’s insecurities and feelings of being inadequate. Sometimes individuals are so determined to ruin a person or persons that they’ll end ruin themselves. Life is to be lived and not to be consumed with other’s issues. 

We all have our own problems that we must attend to. It’s alright to assist friends and we certainly should be caring but we simply don’t have to place the world on our shoulders. Sometimes just going in a quiet space and “reflecting” on the positives in life can help us remove all the junk the world tries to throw at us. There will be plenty to deal with but some of it. We don’t have to bother with. 

Some people will always be on the dark side. Always wanting to grab our attention somehow. Yes, if that means throwing insults as us then that’s what they will do, anyway to gain someone’s attention. We can live life freely. If we simply change our way of thinking. Avoid the unnecessary stress. We don’t have to pile on stress. It’s better to enjoy the life we have now because we only get one. Once it’s over. It’s over to coming back and reinventing ourselves. 

Avoid the hassle. Some enjoy causing havoc in other people’s lives because there’s is dysfunctional. No matter what’s said or done. We do not have to take on anything that will cause our health to decline or cause unhappiness. Stressful situations and people can create a spiral in our lives. Why bother when we can live more peacefully. We don’t have to over work ourselves. Just live and live the way we want to live. Living happily is better than living in pity. 

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