What is No Man’s Sky and why is it So Important?

What is No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a very ambitious title that has been talked about since 2013. The whole game has been developed by a small game studio called Hello Games, by small I mean like 13! The leader of the team is Sean Murray who is very passionate about his idea. The sheer amount of wonder that this game invokes is breathtaking.

Well what’s so special?

Two words, procedural generation, the entire game is just a long math function that generates an entire universe for us to explore. In the game you will take on the role of an adventurer that will explore these exciting world that are populated by creatures and aliens. Everything is random so nothing you see will ever be the same because of how many options there are.

Wait, how big are we talking here?

The universe that is being created here is so big that if the community of player discovered one planet every second, 200 BILLION years from now we would still be discovering them. It’s a game that you simply can’t beat. This is possible because the game builds itself, as you are playing. When you fly around planets are being created around you, but that’s not all. Each of those planets are unique, harboring it’s own life and ecosystems. There is also weather, so yea, this game is pretty huge.

I’m interested, when’s it coming out?

no Mans Sky is set for release in June of 2016, which means that you only have a short time to put in preorders before you miss the train. There isn’t much in the way of preorder bonuses though so I would probably just wait, it’s no big deal.

What’s it coming out on?

The game is going to be PS4/PC exclusive, Xbox won’t get the love of this game. If you want to play, just head on over to GameStop and pick up a fancy new PS4, load up the game, and explore to your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

No Man’s Sky is revolutionary and will change the way that developers build games. The ability to trade, converse, and explore is so extensive that it is well worth a purchase. I would definitely get this if i were you.

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