No Tattoo For Me!

Tattoos are the present trend in the world today and there are more and more people embracing the habit.

Tattoos may be permanent or some may fade with time. Most people prefer the permanent tattoos all over their bodies. As most of the tattoos may be engraved in places which are covered by clothes, it is hard to tell who has them or not. It goes without say that one can put a tattoo at any place on the body. Some people adorn them on the hands and legs. Some do it on the back and chest.

We have special people and special tools that are used to engrave these tattoos. Most of the exercise is a bit painful but like ear piercing and other body cuttings, many do endure it for beauty.

While many see tattoos as a mark of beauty, there are other people who loathe them because those having them may look weird and frightening. Bodies of such people may look like snakes though there are others who just put one at a specific place on the body.

The bible warns against making tattoos or cutting our bodies and hair for one who is dead. Tattoos therefore are looked upon by Christians as a devil’s gimmick.

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