No Understanding What so Ever

If we’re having to respect others views then why do some refuse to understand a person’s views and beliefs? No matter how they’ve “expressed” their beliefs some insist on forcing the individual or individuals to have the same views as they do. Not respecting one’s views can lead to long battles. of all have rights but the person also has a right to believe what he or she believes. To not forced to engage in anything they’re uncomfortable engaging in.

So many have their rights violated and aren’t treated fair because some just choose to be their own persons to do things their own way. Not wanting to follow the crowd and some may not want to accept what others think or feel. Continuing to just try enforce their own rules. If others are willing to understand the views then there’s no need to continuously try to get others “to understand.” 

If some want to go about certain situations in their own way then perhaps to keep sane. Allow the individuals to figure out all to go about the situations without “violating a person’s rights.” Just go along finding the best resolution so that there’s no further damages. Wars begin when there’s no decision to find non-violent solutions. Just disagreeing again and again. In order to generate peace there may need to be some compromises of course but some aren’t even concerned about how others feel.

There will be more fighting against what shouldn’t even incur fights. It appears not too many people are in tuned with their own living. So focused on what others are or aren’t doing. Just allow individuals to live in peace and if some decide to live their lives reckless then that’s their “choice.” Too many are in the business of others. No privacy whatsoever. Watching individuals over and over.

Some not even taking a bathroom break in peace. Why so many eyes? Who really needs to prove themselves over and over? If some are unwilling to believe what’s said then there’s no need to stress over what some will choose to believe anyway. Some refuse to believe the “realities” because some realities may cause feelings of not achieving what they’ve should have. The competitiveness thing. 

Everyone is “due some privacy” at some point. Rights being violated to no end. What are so many people interested in anyway? Not wanting some to live their lives the way the individuals want to live their lives. Sometimes it’s just best to go off and ponder and not deal with so many issues at one time. Taking breaks from some of the chaos is necessary. Living a country filled with war behaviors and non acceptance. 

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