Nomad’s Leather Charging Wallet is iPhone Pocket Power

Leather Charging Wallet
iPhone accessories tend to be very specific — you look at them and immediately know what its designed to do. The same applies to the Nomad Leather Charging Wallet in that you know what goes in it and that it goes into a pocket. But what makes it an iPhone accessory isn’t so obvious. But as will be discovered, it’s really useful.

Being a bi-fold, the wallet allows for carrying cash as well as having six spaces (3 on each side) for carrying credit cards (plus 2 pockets for extra cards). But as befits the 21st century and smartphones in specifics, the Leather Wallet also has a built-in battery charger for iPhone users. By that it’s meant that there’s a Lightning connector secreted in the bi-fold that plugs into a compatible iPhone (the 5S and up).

Now no one is going t says that 2400 mAH is a huge amount of power — realistically it’s enough to fully charge an iPhone 7 a single time. But besides the fact that in a crisis of power that can be more than enough, there’s the fact that the battery size must be balanced against the wallet itself. Remember, it has to fit comfortably in a pocket because that’s where the majority are going to place it. If it’s bulky or unwieldy it doesn’t matter how many watts the internal battery has going for it — the wallet will end up tossed in a drawer or left on the night table. But as regards that battery, it does make a difference that it’s a well known name (Panasonic) residing in the folds. And not that you’re going to let anyone start poking at your wallet, but with the exception of the Lightning connector and micro-USB slot for juicing up the battery, the wallet looks pretty normal to the casual eye. And “works” in the same manner as a wallet would that was bereft of this modernization.

The wallet’s vegetable tanned Horween leather is reinforced by a high strength aluminum casing with polycarbonate end caps for durability. That’s all good, but better still is the fact that it hasn’t been sprayed with some synthetic sealant to try and lock in the way it looks. As a result, the rustic brown will developed a rugged patina over time (those who know good leather already know that getting a leather conditioner becomes part of an occasional maintenance).

Nomad’s Leather Charging Wallet was made and tested so that it would pass airport security checks, being 100% compliant with world battery standards for carry on batteries. It even takes the world-traveler (or the summer vacationer) into account: the cash section of the wallet easily holds the 500 euro bill, which is the worlds’ largest. Not that you’re paying anywhere near that here — it retails for $149.95. That’s little to pay for the convenience of having backup power right there when you need it, and the excuse of forgetting to take a charger with you “just in case” gets tossed aside.

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