Nomad’s Leather Folio – X and Clear Case for iPhone 7/8 Are Ready To Protect

Leather Folio - X and Clear Case for iPhone 7:8
iPhone cases are supposed to serve a singular purpose: keeping the phone safe from the daily grind and occasional “oops” of life. But just as the iPhone does a whole lot more than just make/receive calls, so too should a iPhone case be more than just a covering. Oh, and it should look good too. So that’s why Nomad made the Leather Folio – X and the Clear Case for iPhone 7/8

The Leather Folio – X is a more traditional take on holding the iPhone, being as how it mimics some of the attributes of a wallet, even as it provides a covering for the phone’s screen when not in use. The phone rests in a microfiber lining that absorbs shocks, with a high-grade polycarbonate fused to the lining so as to provide first-impact outer protection. The overall look is that of leather — specially vegetable tanned Horween leather. This leather has a characteristic of gaining a patina over use (to simplify, it means that the coloring deepens and becomes more ingrained).

Going beyond just having a flap covering the phone and so a thicker phone overall to put away when not in use, lets bring in the wallet-like aspects. This consists of the inner side of the flap having slots suitable for inserting a credit card (up to 6) or folded paper money. Of course the way that the flap is designed and situated means that any cards inserted will not cause damage to the phone’s screen. What it will do is let you ditch a stand-alone wallet, while retaining the needed ability to cover your finances when out and about.

As to the Clear Case, it shares some similarities with the Leather Folio – X; it’s also a rustic brown due to Horween leather being used. And yes it too will develop a rich patina as it’s handled over time. But the leather is not used all over — there’s also a more open, more “modern” look and this comes courtesy of a clear design. The case employs a clear, high-grade polycarbonate that’s fused to a rubber TPE bumper — enabling protection for the phone that includes the screen area (not a covering for it, but the bumper extending in front to take any initial impact). Just as important as what is seen is the soft inner lining consisting of a microfiber for cushioning shock being resonated to the phone (while the outer shell takes the impact). All this combines to provide a 6 foot drop protection.

The Leather Folio – X retails for $49.95 and the Clear Case for iPhone 7/8 retails for $39.95. Regardless of which iPhone you’re holding, it’ll be a lot safer if it’s in one of these Nomad cases.

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