Non-Profit Charities That Are Close To My Heart


Non-profit charities are everywhere these days. When it comes to giving, most people will show their support to the ones that are closest to their heart for various reasons. Truthfully, I am not much into giving money to a particular charity. I am more into supporting them by either donating items or keeping in contact with families or individuals that need encouragement. The one that is closest to my heart is children’s cancer. 

It saddens my heart to hear stories of kids and cancer. It hit my family big time a few years back when my 12-year-old niece was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She fought it for a couple of years but she ended up losing her battle. This brought me to become more aware of how many kids each year fight their own cancer battle. Some are just babies. It is heartbreaking. However, there are certain organizations that do whatever it takes to help these children and their families. 

My two favorites are St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. These two organizations are wonderful in helping in the fight against childhood cancer. Most everyone has heard of St. Jude, but do you know anything about Alex’a Lemonade Stand? It was started by a little girl who was in her own battle with cancer. However, she had enough compassion and strength to hold yearly lemonade stands in an effort to raise money for research. Word spread and people gave, and the rest is history. It has become huge with even some celebrity involvement in support of this awesome place. Alex lost her battle in 2004, but her legacy has lived on.

Another way to get involved is to give encouragement to kids with cancer and their families by picking some things up such as craft items, books, or anything that would be helpful to occupy their time while in the hospital getting treatments. Your local hospital should be able to help out with information on how to do that. Another great thing to do is to encourage these families through online sources such as Carepages where cancer families send updates on their child and readers can comment with their own encouraging notes. There are a couple of kids that I have kept track of for a couple of years through their care page.

Supporting certain charities is a good thing to do. Whether your support comes in the form of money donations or note writing, all of it counts if it is from your heart. 

What non-profit charities do you support and why?

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