Not in the Business to be Liked

When conducting business or trying to achieve anything at all. There is no time to try and to try and figure out if there’s some popularity. Not everyone is going to like a person and that’s alright. Some will hate and for their own “reasons” but who has time to be bothered with who likes and dislikes. If one person in the world loves another then that’s alright. God the Creator of Mankind and Jesus Christ will always love and is the refuge. 

Some begin displaying hate because they’re miserable not satisfied with how their lives are going and want to lash out at others. Not wanting “to hear” the truth. Not wanting to accept the what is. So therefore they’ll continue to try and kick a person down. Mankind forsakes but the Creator of all does not. Some individuals we shouldn’t even be concerned with whether they’re in agreement or not. Shouldn’t be bothered with their antics at all. 

There’s way too many tasks to accomplish and there isn’t anytime to focus on whether others will like what we’re doing. Some will never understand or accept anything certain individuals do. Imagine having to come up against the same people day in and day out. Fighting for what’s mine. (Tanikka Paulk). Seems pretty outrageous but that’s how some mentalities are. “Proof” can be supplied and some will still be unwilling to accept the proof. Hating. 

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Tanikka Paulk

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There will be many who will try to ride the backs of others in order to be first or whatever they’re seeking. No matter what there should be progress anyway. Not everyone will be cooperative some will to continue to give others a very difficult time. Refusing to just allow others to elevate in some way. For some perhaps they’re bored or just not wanting to see certain individuals excel in some way. Whatever their reasons are no person should stop trying to improve, help others, or stop a “vision.” 

Sometimes we’ll put on the fake smile. Just to proceed to the next stage. There will be some who aren’t joyful. There will be some who will always want to give others a headache. That’s why we must learn to take breaks. Some aren’t very compassionate. Only caring about themselves. Some may not ever appreciate what others are trying to do. Doesn’t matter. There will always be some who “will recognize” the works of others. 

There be the lies, deception, the falsehood and so on. Just keep moving on. Eventually the actions will be recognized by the right individuals. Some are always thinking of ways to get next to another. Ways to stop what a person is doing. Imagine having to deal with the most difficult people and putting a smile. Not always easy but in order to make some progress. Doing what it takes to get to other side is necessary. 

“Keep on Making Progress Even When There’s a lot to say.” That’s What Tanikka Paulk Will do.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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