Obama Cries Crocodile Tears to Grab Guns (Poem)


Gets his way once again.

By hook or by crook.

Mostly crook.


He looks real smart

Behind his teleprompts.

An idiot savant.


Crocodile tears.

For the kiddios.

No tears for the thousands.

Killed by his drones.


Cares ever so much.

About law and order.

Black lives he claims matter.

Mere talk no importance.

Who cares about those.

Dying far from our borders?


He condemns mass shooters

And blames their guns.

Yet praises mass murder.

That Israel does.

Did I mention the Saudis?

His bestest of buds.


Striving to bring us.

A nuclear hell.

Gee. War with Russia?

Sounds ever so swell.


Disarming the slaves.

By executive order.

The police state he builds.

Reminds me of Mordor.


Spies in the shadows.

With torture camps.

And orcs at the airports.

Their hands down my pants.

A traitor they’ve spotted!


Could Snowden be Frodo?


He asks for my trust.

In his good intent.

Should I own a gun?

His police will protect.


Jews waited in line.

To the camps they were sent.


He looks real smart

Behind his teleprompts.

An idiot savant.



Gets his way once again.

By hook or by crook.

Mostly crook.


Sure. I know he’s a fool. That he barely has two brain cells to rub together. Just like G.W. Bush and his brother Jeb.

I wouldn’t trust them to manage an outhouse, much less the US government. Is there much difference?

It makes me wonder how he breezed into the presidency. No sweat. Obama never held national office until his shortened four-year term in the US Senate. He got his Harvard degree not knowing there are 50 US states. A complete waste of space.

I can see his sugar daddies sending out men dressed in black. “Flunk Barack? I wouldn’t do that.” At three in the morning? Few pedagogues would ignore such a warning.

So what does that tell me about the office of the presidency? OK. I’ll sling it straight. It’s a farce job even dummies can fake.

I’ll let you decide who really runs the show.

It sure ain’t you or me. In this fake “democracy.”

Yet is this dirty bird dummy absolved of his deeds? Fronting for madmen who kill just for glee? Soaking up praise while neocons hold the nuclear key?

You think Obama sheds a tear over pain in you or me?

Try getting a judge to let you off the hook with a low-IQ plea. Try to say you were “just following orders” if you aren’t the police.

The rules don’t apply if you serve the elites. Grabbing weapons makes sense. From serfs under your feet.


Signing off,


(Images from Pixabay.)

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