Obama’s Inspirational Wit and Wisdom (Satire)

If it weren’t for space aliens, Barack Obama would likely not be president.


Knowing he was destined to become president, the U.S. government granted Obama’s parents access to secret time-travel technology developed by space aliens.


The specifics of time travel have yet to be revealed.

Slipping into a heavy accent, Barack Obama explains to a black audience how the historic Martin Luther King Jr.-led civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama inspired his white mother and black father to become a couple and bring him into the world.

The march took place in early 1965.

Obama was born on August 4, 1961.


(I rest my case.)

Obama's inspirational wit and deeds are often compared with those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama grew up in Kenya, Indonesia and Hawaii in the ’60s and ’70s. It is no wonder he shares with Dr. King a deep understanding of the American black experience during the Civil Rights Movement.




Obama has always shown genuine concern for the disturbingly large number of fainting ladies at his speeches. Experts’ explanations for this odd phenomenon range from Hillary Clinton’s claims of a “vast right wing conspiracy” to the president’s unusually strong and plentiful pheremones.


(Ladies swoon for Obama. The president has developed a sixth sense at spotting faints behind his back – even before they actually happen.)

Experts point to other male entertainers who have had a similar impact on the ladies.




The compassion he has shown toward those fainting ladies leaves no doubt why Obama has fought so tirelessly to give Americans the Affordable Care Act.


Only right-wing nuts criticize Obama.

(The president is known for his quick wits, debating skills, and incisive legal mind. Here he explains the need for Obamacare.)



His critics – mostly hateful tea-party Republican loons – point to the V.A. scandal as “evidence” that Obama considers those Americans in military service to be an expendable commodity. Yet Commander and Chief Obama has done an exemplary job of honoring our men and women in uniform.


(Some conspiracy theorists go so far as to suggest that Obama’s reference to “corpse men” might have been a Freudian slip.)


Obama’s shocking announcement has WWII historians scrambling to revise the history books.



Here, the president discusses his own family’s record of war-time military service. Obama makes the stunning revelation that his uncle was part of a secret U.S. force to liberate Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi concentration camp.


(Historians had previously thought only Soviet troops had liberated Auschwitz.)


We live in a world filled with ignorance, injustice, hate, and just plain stupidity. Now is not the time to give up on Obama’s hope for change.



Sadly, Obama has just a little over a year left in presidential office.  Yet a man of such passion and principle will assuredly continue spreading his inspirational message of hope and change at private speaking engagements. Hopefully throughout all 57 U.S. states (give or take one or two).


(Alaska and Hawaii residents were disappointed to be left out of Obama’s tour of 57 U.S. states.)

Obama has brought us all together as one human family.




And just where would the world be without this brilliant Nobel Peace Prize winning luminary’s unceasing efforts to spread freedom, harmony and justice?


(President Obama offers a profound insight.)

Your penman, pal, and political pundit,


Signing off.

(Images from Pixabay.)

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