Do you Often Say These Magic Words?

Magic words are words that you can say and they impact a change to the person they are directed to. The words may look so simple and harmless, yet, they do make change to be effected. They may often be ignored or the person who should say them become rigid to say them yet when ignored can create havoc in the society.

Have you known the power that is in words like ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘am sorry’? When said they look so simple and useless yet they have stopped wars from erupting and saved marriages from breaking. These words have rekindled the love that was escaping through the window. They have strengthened family ties that were being shattered. These words have saved businesses that were crumbling to the ground.

You may label this as what I want to say as useless and hurry to move to another page yet I implore you to read on. There are words like YOU LOOK SMART, I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE MY ONLY ONE that seem just words like any other. Yet when these words are said to the right person they do act like magic. They restore friendship and love in families. They also do restore broken relationship. Such words can also act like security and make our streets to be bandit free as once you love it is impossible to do wrong to your neighbor. They make our communities and places of worship become very lovely as when they have been said earlier, they leave one vibrant the whole day. These words happen to be magic words!

‘Abracadabra’ is not magic! It is just a word. Have you tried ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘In the mighty name of Jesus’? These words are not magic words for Christians only. They have worked magic for many. Try them out. They are magic words.

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