OLALA’s SG1 Wireless Sports Earphones Can Handle It

Wireless headphones started out as a luxury because of what they did — Bluetooth took care of connecting the phone to your ears. Now that Bluetooth has matured, wireless headphones are less about “what” they do and more about “how” they do it. So while it’s no surprise that OLALA’s SG1 Wireless Sports Earphones is wireless or that it has a full array of features, that it all fits together for a $30.99 retail price does raise the eyebrows.

The SG1 physically shares a common look with many wireless headphones in that each earbud is joined to the other by a cable that lets it loop around the neck. Those “buds” are joined by a hooking system that loops around the ear to insure a good fit, aided by choosing the best silicon tip (S/M/L being included). That’s good news for those wearing these while being active (the “Sports” in the name being kind of a giveaway), so it only makes sense that sweat resistance/water resistance is built-in (IPX4 rating).

A lot of tech is packed inside this small necklace-styled space — necessitating a compacting that in some cases results in short battery life. That gets blown away here thanks to a strong battery that can provide up to 8 hours after a mere 1.5 hours of charging.

Now as noted earlier, Bluetooth is the main conveyance of streaming the music from the source device (often a smartphone but not necessarily so) and the ears. N features BT 4.1 (and its host of supporting audio profiles liked A2DP, AVRCP and others) for a stable signal transfer, an advanced chip designed to provide noise isolation/clear sound quality and the aptX codec for high impact audio reception. And while you can’t expect the kind of deep bass that larger drivers provide, mobile users will not be disappointed in the sound quality across the board (especially if what is playing is using reasonably high resolution).

Control is enacted through in-line buttons on the rubber coated cabling, where the microphone is also to be found. The controls allow for making/answering calls and playing/pausing/skipping music tracks along with volume settings.

The SG1 Wireless Sports Earphones uses magnets to grip each earbud so that their wiring doesn’t flop back and forth, for those who will continue to wear it around their necks. For others, this makes for a more compact package for carrying around.

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