On being a ‘Call Girl’

I was in the call center industry, here in the Philippines, for roughly a decade and two years. My humble beginnings, in 2001, as a customer service representative made me realize how good I could be in spoken English. Yes, I enjoyed every bit of the job – even the graveyard shifts, discriminating and racist remarks from American customers, the thick volume of calls I needed to answer on a daily basis, and the pay disputes on not getting my rightful night differential pay.

Then, I grew from taking in calls to mentoring fellow agents. I was elated by the thought of me sharing my expertise that I ventured out to training new comers and uptraining tenured ones. I also had a stint of two to three years of supervising people as a Team Leader.

In the industry, however, people come and go too fast that management becomes dependent on the people in the position currently rather than the ideals and standards of the corporation.

I found myself seeing the negative side. I didn’t want pessimism to completely overpower the optimism in me so I stepped out of the business process outsourcing world.

As a ‘call girl’ (a colloquial term coined by fellows), I’d say, I, honestly, have developed a love-hate relationship with the industry.


*Photo is mine.*


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