On being new to DTC

Mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness, doubts and fear are what I feel upon registering to Daily Two Cents.


Any writer would, of course, wish to see her work published. This is where my excitement comes from – making sure that every piece I write is the best I can come up with. Ideas are now overflowing in my head as I write this very first article of mine.


Even though impressing my readers is not my primary target, I feel nervous and afraid of the frustration I might feel if none would take a look at my work for that would certainly indicate that no one’s interested in me. You see, everything I’d be sharing in DTC would definitely be a part of my true self.


Doubts, I believe, are but normal to have whenever someone’s starting anew, especially that I’ve registered to share my craft and to earn for my family. This is also my first attempt to join this type of online community of writers. It really is my fervent hope to be financially compensated, too. Devoting my time and talent to DTC might actually be a risk for now. Trust and confidence, however, shall turn-around all these doubts, anyway.


*Photo is mine.*

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