Online Proctored Exam: What is there to know?

If you’ve any idea about assessments, then you have probably heard the term called proctored. In simple terms, proctored exam means that the exam is being administered by an authorized personnel who is responsible for supervising the student in real time. The proctor’s responsibility is to make sure the integrity and security of the exam are being maintained effectively.

Online Proctored Exam

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Such online proctored exams can be administered on a computer or using the paper and pencil. They’re gaining a lot of attraction, especially in the certification industry as more and more people are searching ways of getting a much sought after certification with less hassle.

More and more companies are investing in such online proctored exams to offer their candidates an opportunity to sit for exams comfortably. One can take the exams wherever and whenever he or she wants. This is made possible by the use of a webcam and the help of a human proctor who will be present online.

Did you know that this digital form of evaluation helps you to take tests from any location? During the time of online proctored exams, a software is being used to help the students and proctors to take exams at any place. The proctored exams are reliable and free from error or fraud. The monitoring software which is being used during the exam helps in tracking by reviewing the video. This helps in making the exam trustworthy and reliable.

There is three type of proctored exams, and they’re known as:

Automated Proctoring: In this type of exam, a software is being used to identify any chances of fraud. The software can detect any different software being opened or the presence of another person in the room. In case of any such events, the proctor gets a notification to become alert, and he reviews them later on.

Subsequent Proctoring: In this setting of the exam, images and logs are being captured and saved for further verification. Later, a proctor goes through the images and logs to assess whether the individual was engaged in any form of fraud. One can take the tests at any time just by logging in and start an exam. No prior scheduling is needed for this type of exam.

Live Proctoring: This is like a real exam setting where an online proctor watches over the individual as he or she takes the test. The online proctor can always intervene if he finds anything suspicious in the real exam setting. One needs to schedule the exam in advance to see if there’s a proctor available at that time to invigilate.

The online proctored exams are becoming popular because they make education more accessible and flexible for everyone. It also saves the expenses of doing a full-time course which is great. Now anyone can sit for the same test without traveling anywhere.

If someone’s searching for flexibility while still saving his or her day job, then online proctoring is the answer. It provides the freedom to choose the time and place to take an exam of your choice.

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