Online Proctored Exam: What is it?

Recently, the practice of exam proctoring services has emerged in the realm of education. In the community of learning and development, security is of utmost importance to protect the integrity of the exam.

What is an online proctored exam?
Well, the online proctored exam allows you to take any test conveniently and easily. This means you can now take an exam in the comfort of your own place while being observed by a proctor. This is such a great solution as it helps in saving a lot of money and time. This is especially important for people from other places who cannot bear the expense of traveling because of time constraint. To face the geographical hardship, the online proctored exam is the best!

Now any individual can take any exam without traveling to a test center. The exam proctoring services offer amazing features which are perfect for working professionals. Candidates can choose their own convenient timing which is one of the great advantages of this service. What if someone forgets to book his or her slots? Well, then there’s some possibility to schedule at a short notice also! This service provides the individual to keep their credentials updated with flexibility. Just imagine, if one has to travel to a center almost every few years, then it becomes difficult! Do you know that there’s a whiteboard feature available to take notes while you’re taking the test?

The exam proctoring services provider are always working on improving their services. People who are looking for favorable scheduling, online test proctoring can offer them that! This is actually one of the reasons why it has gained popularity amongst the educational community. The minimum system requirements are a laptop or computer, a good Wi-Fi connectivity, and a webcam.

After that, the instructor will offer all the directions for the testing. Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements before scheduling the exam. Also, make sure you’re in a bright or well-lit, and quiet room. There should be a minimum distraction in the room. Now, the lightning of the room doesn’t have to be very bright but overhead lighting is required for monitoring purpose. You must keep your photo ID ready and also carry a reflective surface for monitoring purpose. Before starting the exam, ensure you have closed out any programs or applications or websites.

No screen-sharing is allowed during the exam. This means you cannot use software such as Skype or Zoom while you’re taking the test. Additionally, you can’t open Microsoft Office Suite or any applications related to that! To avoid being late in starting the test, do not open any kind of virtual machine. Then you’ll have to reboot your system which is a hassle! Other than that, ensure all of the chatting or messaging apps are closed in your system and that includes Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and Apple iMessage.

The exam proctoring services provider watches over the individual using the screen-sharing technology which ensures the security of the exam. The proctors can see the individual, and what are they doing. This real-time monitoring is being done by person-to-person and this is being used by more than thousands of universities nowadays!

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