Overcoming the Challenges Faced

Life can be quite challenging. There’s a lot of ups and downs. There will be setbacks and we’ll disappointed. All isn’t lost. There’s always hope. Some may feel despaired because of the many challenges that head their way. It simply isn’t easy going through trials but the trials can generate strength. We will come across difficult people and we have to find ways to “overcome.” No matter what heads our way. We must continue to be filled with hope. Never lose hope. 

There will be times when our feelings get hurt and we come across some overly critical people. The criticism shouldn’t stop anyone from “elevating.” “We Rise Through Pain and Adversity.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Always believe in the dream, vision, and the ideas. Of course there will be some who don’t quite understand what the “vision” is all about. Some may even criticize the vision but we must remember that not everyone is meant to understand one’s vision. Once we come to that conclusion. We’ll be able to progress. 

Never allow others to dictate a “purpose.” God has given each and everyone their own gift or gifts. We’re designed to conquer and not be failures. Never feel bad about achieving. Overcome what the hecklers and naysayers have to say. There will be a lot of criticizing. No one can prevent being criticized unless they choose to do nothing. It’s alright to feel a little disappointed in the critics but even critics can help in some way. 

To overcome is a very important thing to do. Not overcoming will leave us in a depressive state. Finding positive ways to channel our emotions will help keep us whole. Some may consider stopping their dreams because they’ve faced so many challenges. One challenge after another can be draining. We simply have to get back up and try again. The difficults aren’t always a form of punishment. Depending on what assignment we’re on. We will need to go through some obstacle courses. 

Strength has to be generated if we expect to reach the top. Our line of thinking may change and we may discovery some things about ourselves that we didn’t know before. We avoid being duscouraged when a setback has occured. Being surrounded by positive people is a great help. Learning to find something positive wgen things seem bleak is important as well. No challenge is too much. There’s nothing beared that we’re not designed to conquer. 

Remaining encouraged and believing that we’re deserving helps to keep the productivity in. Tuning out noise makers will take us further. Wanting more out of life will push us through the adversity. The naysayers will say a lot but they’re not the one’s who have given us purpose. Overcome every challenge by being confident and finding a positive even when the situation seems so negative. 

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Photo Credit Belongs to Tanikka Paulk. Artwork By: Cornelius Paulk

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