Paid a Penny Per View to Write Reviews?! Yes, You Can!

How does getting paid $10 for 1,000 unique views on reviews sound? I thought is sounded good too when someone told me about it. Here’s the scoop:



Yes, she gave me permission to quote her.  

Where is This Penny Per View Opportunity Hiding?

What I’m referring to is a site called Recommender. This is a site that pays you a penny for every unique person who drops by and reads one of your reviews. The reviews do not have to be long, but they need to be honest and unbiased. They can’t include affiliate links or referral links, but they can include any other links. This does have to be a review of an item that you own. You have to post a unique image (a picture that YOU took of the item). You can’t pull the picture from the Internet, it’ll get you in trouble.

You can sure the review with your friends, family, and social media networks. Just don’t be super spammy about it.

Pretty Sweet Referral/Earning Program


Earning 10 percent of your referrals earning isn’t going to make you rich, but it is still a little bit of extra money you would be getting without having to do any work. Personally, I prefer this type of referral program to earning x amount per referral. This way, you can continue to earn as long as your referrals are active.

Putting the referral program in perspective, you’ll earn $1 every time your referral reaches that $10 mark so they can get paid on the next payday. Doesn’t that sound awesome? This is also why I encourage you to do more than just get other people to sign up. You need to walk them through how to get started, ask to check out their reviews and provide feedback on them, if you really help your referrals get going it will benefit both you and them. 

This is What a Finished Review Looks Like


As you can see, the reviews are short, simple, and sweet. They aren’t asking for anything big deal. You do have to own the product because you have to take an actual picture of the product. (But, you shouldn’t really be reviewing products you don’t own anyway). 

A Few Things To Note

  • Your reviews must be at least 500 characters long
  • You must post at least one review a month or your account will go inactive (you won’t lose the account, but you stop earning money for your reviews when you go inactive. Anything you earned before going inactive will stay on your account though).
  • You can withdrawal your earnings to PayPal once you hit $30. (It can take a couple weeks for you to receive your payment) 

While I don’t know if this is true, I do have some friends who believe the site might have some kind of cap to prevent you from making more than $30 in a month. I say that because I have one friend who earns $30 a month and then her earnings really don’t move that much until a new month. That being said, $30 is still $30. 

How To Get Started

All you have to do is head over to the site (not a referral link) and sign up. My referral code is d1VeAGKI. If you found this article helpful and decide to sign up, I would appreciate it if you’d use my referral code to get started. Do leave a comment and tell me your username on the site so I can follow you (I use the same name that I use on here – so, I should be easy to find). 

Remember, if you found my article helpful my referral code is d1VeAGKI and you can enter it when you register for a new account with the site. 

Images both belong to the author of this article. 

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