Patriotic Toe Nail Art

Patriotic toe nail art will be all the rage come the end of June as women start to get ready for their 4th July celebrations. Many people like to match their fingernails and toenails for the occasion. 

Parties will be held all over the USA and everyone wants to look their best. If you decide not to do fancy dress then patriotic toe nail art and indeed fingernail art might be a good idea. 

There are lots of options some which are simpler than others. Personally I like stars and stripes in red, white and blue. You could have red and white stripe nails with a star on only one nail. If you are not comfortable drawing a star you could buy a stick on one. They are not too difficult to draw on your nail and using the large toe means you have more space to draw.

Of course you can also do some patriotic toe nail art using glitter to make your nails sparkly. I love glitter polish but I find it harder to work with. I guess I would replace the design shown here with a blue glitter nail if I want not using the star. Another option would be to draw the star in glitter if you were feeling very confident.

Image is from Jewellcode

patriotic toe nail art

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