Pedometer For Bike Riding

Türkçe: Konuşan Pedometre

I’m a cyclist that loves long hour outdoor biking. A pedometer is a must have device that lets me continue to be motivated by tracking accomplishments, heart beat and burned calories.

I have participated in several tour biking events and a biking computer or pedometer is definitely a great device that you should mount on your bike.

My personal choice of cycling pedometer is the ATECH MCX235 Double Wireless cyclometer. It’s a  computer device specially designed  that includes several features such as speedometer, odometer, auto trip stop watch and calorie calculator.

You actually can track health activities in a log and monitor what been achieved during the day. When you ride for long distances,  it’s good to track how much distance, what you heart beat rate and the maximum speed that you had reach.

I prefer to get a device that had multiple features instead of a single function to get more than what you had paid. You paid for single price and get more than a pedometer feature. It is actually up to you to decide what is the right choice to make by considering models, budget, features and capability inside. 

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