Pense wishes Trump would apologize for being a birther?

Pense wishes Trump would apologize for being a birther? The vice Presidential nominee wishes Trump would recant all the hate and rancor, and become a rational human being. Don’t you knowTrump doesn’t apologize, and to expect him to undo all the damage he has done as far as being a racist, sexist, homophobe, and misogynist shows our naivety. Trump may be reading the scripts that his handlers put in front of him. But we all know the real Trump, the mean and nasty guy underneath all the change of heart.

We won’t forget all his hate speech about Hispanic’s and blacks, calling women pigs and bimbos, how he told his followers to beat up the Black Lives Matter protester at his rally, how he’s going to build his wall and deport 11 million people. None of us should forget his hatred toward so many people. And now his attempt to sweep it under the rug while he reads what’s put in front of him by his manipulating speech writers. Kayleigh and Geoffry, two of Trump’s political supporters are on CNN everyday spoon feeding Trump’s lies, while Geoffry sits in his office with a picture of Ronald Reagan in the background.
Trump is no Ronald Reagan.

Come on American’s do you really want to see this guy as our President? If not you are going to have to vote for Hillary. Get on your big boy and girl panties and do the right thing. Trump is a loose cannon, just listen to the guy when he’s off script. He can’t help himself, he lets out the real Trump.

Even top Republican’s are not voting for Trump, and some of them say they will but will vote for Hillary in the seclusion of the voting booth. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the voting booth of many prominent Republicans. Some of them would rather endorse Donald Trump than admit that he’s a lunatic. How irresponsible of them, to encourage a man who is a racist through and through. You can’t put lipstick on a pig and expect it to pass as beautiful, can you?

Trump is a Trojan Horse, that may look all shiny on the outside, but we know the real him. Your vote is important, with him and Hillary in a dead heat, it’s imperative that American’s wake up and smell the Trojan Horse’s manure that’s collected under the Trump Trojan Horse.

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