The Birdbath

The heat’s oppressive; sweat drips down my face Although I sit in shade beneath some trees. No sign of movement, not a tiny breeze To cool the air

Dark Night of Wounded Hearts Whither did our faith and trust go, When a dark night of wounds Shadowed my heart and soul, And shattered our friendship. Will

Spring Has Sprung

I walked beneath, a sky as blue, as the deep blue sea, as blue as sparkling sapphires, while the sun brightly smiles down. My feet kept, upon the

A Love So True

FraukeFeind / Pixabay They had a love so true never would they be blue. Sweet kisses and I love you’s from morning until close of day. A love


Chickadee Chickadee flitting through the leafless trees, Singing a song with some chirps and some ‘dees’, Looking for buds, for some berries and seeds – There’s not much

Poem: the mountains

The mountains Never spoke dad Their shoes to the ground Their chin in the air Their skin tough Just like a sauce pan The mountains Never spoke dad

A New Life

  A New Life The loneliness gets you With no one to talk to, No good morning smile when you wake; A chasm, a hole In your heart

Hitting the Road

Introduction Hitting the Road is a young adult story about a girl on the brink of adulthood and her quest to find her younger brother’s father. Krissy hasn’t

The Family Vacation

Introduction On a family vacation to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania some strange things happen to a young girl. Things that she not dare tell anyone. This is the story of

The Muse

The Muse The muse reveals herself , not when I ask, But when she deems the time to speak is right. It could be in the middle of

Poem: Waves at home

  Waves at home My boat was sailing Gliding away on life Just a kite in the sky The sun a friend The sky a nice coat Adopting