What is Penstrokes?

Penstrokes is a site where fiction and poetry writers can display their work, free for the reading public, and earn from each view.  Writers make $2/1000 views of their work.

It costs nothing to publish here, writers retain all rights to their work, and if they choose to, they can remove it at any time.

There are other sites where writers can publish fiction and poetry but, to our knowledge, most of them either don’t allow the writers to make money OR are not dedication to fiction/poetry.

Penstrokes is currently in the beta stage but keep your eyes on it because it’s going to be awesome.

Writers will get their own profile page to feature their latest work and Subscribers will be able to sign up and follow writers they like.

Find out more about Penstrokes here.

And if  you’re interested in joining us send an email to Kat at [email protected] (make sure to tell us your interested in Penstrokes as we do have other sites!)