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Poem: The Diary

The Diary April 29, 2016 The diary is a book of memories but also my confidante I turn to it when I need to share stories of the

Poem: A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love April 20, 2016 She puts the baby girl against her chest Embraces her with a soothing and gentle touch And feels her child’s faint heartbeat

Poem: Scars

Scars March 24, 2016 Alone, sitting on the cold floor of her room Ready to stop the pain in her heart She takes the long blade from her

Poem: Lost in a Love Dream

Lost in a Love Dream March 22, 2016 A quilted blanket on the grass A picnic basket filled with wine You’re lying there with your crush Hands interlaced,

Poem: You Whisper to Me

You Whisper to Me March 17, 2016 I stand there unmoving by the shore And weep alone beside the rippling water On wings of love there you begin
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